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VIVA – Caberet

VIVA: North Melbourne’s New Hub for Cabaret and Culinary Delights!

North Melbourne’s industrial precinct has undergone a remarkable transformation with the grand opening of VIVA, a revolutionary new venue that seamlessly blends live performance with premium dining. Set to become the beating heart of Melbourne’s underground entertainment scene, VIVA offers a unique experience that combines a sophisticated bar and an electrifying cabaret space.

Stepping into VIVA is like stepping back in time to the opulence of the 1920s, enhanced by state-of-the-art staging and technology. This new hotspot is designed to evoke a sense of escapism, transporting guests into a realm where entertainment and dining merge to create unforgettable evenings. The venue is gorgeously decorated, with a luxurious and sophisticated fit-out that is quite unexpected given its location on what initially appears to be an industrial street.

At the core of VIVA’s allure are its two exclusive in-house shows, which set the tone for an evening of enchantment and excitement. The early show, Elegant, is a captivating cabaret performance filled with comedy, dance, allure, and drama. For those who linger into the late hours, or arrive specifically for it, Exotic offers a bolder and more provocative spectacle that promises to dazzle and perhaps even challenge its audience. Both shows are incredibly engaging and fast-paced, featuring a wide variety of acts that incorporate state-of-the-art projection and lighting, giving the cabaret a modern twist unique from typical shows.

The tale of the performers at VIVA is also noteworthy. The skilled dancers are breathtaking, seamlessly blending mind-blowing dance routines with cheeky adult humour. The acts and music choices are carefully curated to ensure there is something for every audience member, regardless of age or walk of life. The atmosphere created by the show is perfect for a night out, making every performance at VIVA an event to remember.

The mastermind behind Elegant is none other than Jason Coleman, an arts and entertainment heavyweight known for his work on the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony, Hair, Hairspray, and So You Think You Can Dance. With such an illustrious background, guests at VIVA can expect a truly spectacular show in an intimate setting.

Karlee Kaminski, Director of VIVA, shared her vision for the venue: “At VIVA, our aim is to merge the magic of live performance with exceptional dining, service, and drinks, setting a new benchmark in entertainment for Melbourne. We’re creating an environment where every evening is an event, where the lights, the sounds, and the atmosphere are as much a part of the experience as the performances on stage and the exquisite dishes on your table.”

Indeed, the drinks and food at VIVA are as delightful as the performances. The menu offers a range of delicious options, perfectly complementing the vibrant atmosphere of the venue. The cabaret-style seating adds to the luxe and sophisticated decor, making every visit a feast for the senses.

Bookings for VIVA are now open, inviting you to be among the first to experience this innovative venue. Discover a place where every performance is a masterpiece and every meal is a work of art. Join us later this month for an unforgettable opening that will set the stage for North Melbourne’s newest chapter in cultural excellence.

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Written by: Michael Kent.