The Best of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The Waste Land

Exactly one hundred years ago, T.S. Eliot wrote the epic poem ‘The Waste Land’. This year, his work is being celebrated in a dramatic performance of the iconic work.

Eliot wove characters and voices from the modern world together with fragments from classic Eastern and Western stories to explore the devastation of post-war England where life has become mechanical, even desolate. But Eliot suggests that even in The Waste Land, past riches can revitalise the present and even the future by making something new.

The Waste Land, a modernist classic in its own right, now occupies a particular space in popular imagination – the very name conjures a world where everything has been consumed, turned over, used up. One hundred years later it seems more relevant than ever, as though Eliot was waiting for us in the future.

Let yourself be immersed to Eliot’s stunning vision, brought to life by Ray Swann’s live performance at the historic Jack’s Magazine in Maribyrnong, directed by Kirsten von Bibra this November 10-19.

A musical response to the poem by Melbourne musician Andrew Duffield will take place before the show each evening.

For more information, or to book tickets for the November season, check out: Identity Theatre