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Shimmery Burlesque

Experience the glamour and heart-warming tale of Shimmery Burlesque, where dreams, feathers, and family love come to life on stage.

Shimmery Burlesque follows the life of Lady Shimmery, a dressmaker who becomes enchanted by the world of burlesque costuming. The show kicks off in Lady Shimmery’s workroom, a nostalgic nod to old-fashioned dressing rooms, complete with sewing machines and mirrors. The audience is then whisked away to Paris, with its timeless gardens, parasols, and French cabaret, setting the perfect scene for Lady Shimmery’s love affair with the art of tease.

Written and directed by Holly Mouat, Shimmery Burlesque debuted in 2022 to sold-out audiences and standing ovations. The show is inspired by Holly’s mother, Kerrie Schultz (Shimmery Couture), who also heads costume design for the show. Choreographed by the award-winning Maple Rose and Kimera Diamond, the production stars Abbey Paige Williams as Lady Shimmery, supported by a dazzling burlesque ensemble, featuring a cast of twenty stunning girls, each glistening with rhinestones, feathers, and tassels. Their talent is undeniable, with every performer showcasing a unique act that adds to the overall charm of the production and creating a perfect blend of sensuality and cheeky humour, precisely what you’d expect from a high-quality burlesque show. The choreography, by the award-winning Maple Rose and Kimera Diamond, is both innovative and true to the essence of classic burlesque, blending sensuality with humour in perfect harmony.

The hand-crafted costumes, designed by Kerrie Schultz herself, are exquisite—each one a piece of art. The set design, with its Parisian rococo style, is lush and immersive, transporting viewers straight into the opulent world of old-school glamour.

Abbey Paige Williams, who stars as Lady Shimmery, mesmerizes with her nostalgic and romantic songs, her voice as clear and captivating as if it were playing from a 1940s gramophone. An emotional highlight of the performance is seeing Abbey call out Kerrie and Holly to the stage at the conclusion of the show. Seeing Kerrie and Holly, embrace on stage brought a tear to many an eye in the audience.

Don’t miss your chance to catch this enchanting production. Shimmery Burlesque offers an unforgettable evening of stunning performances, exquisite costumes, and a touching story that celebrates the art of burlesque and the power of dreams.

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Written by: Michael Kent