The Best of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Experience the Astonishing Magic Duo of Luke Blaze and Jay Cristo, in their critically acclaimed five- star show “SAINT” as part of the 2024 Melbourne Magic Festival on July 9 and 10 at the Arrow on Swanston, Carlton.

After taking the Melbourne Magic Festival by storm in 2023, Luke Blaze and Jay Cristo will once again have audiences on the edge of their seats as they present their most daring act yet – a dangerous stunt that will have you ‘hooked’, even after the curtains have closed.

Luke Blaze and Jay Cristo, both renowned and respected performers in their own right, have shared anextraordinary friendship spanning an impressive nine years, drawing upon their profound connection and unmatched expertise. Together they have crafted an unforgettable show that seamlessly blends their individual styles and showcases their uncanny synchronicity.

“SAINT” is an enchanting production that promises an evening of mind-bending illusions, awe- inspiringmentalism, and a sprinkle of mystery. Audiences will be transported to a world where the impossiblebecomes possible, and reality merges with fantasy. Witness extraordinary feats that defy logic, leavingyou to doubt your very own existence.

Behind the scenes, Luke Blaze and Jay Cristo are not only accomplished magicians but also dedicated disability support workers. When they are off stage, they devote their time to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities. Their compassionate and caring nature shines through both on and off stage, creating a remarkable connection with their audience.

Luke Blaze, a master of illusion and impeccable showmanship spectacle, and Jay Cristo, known for hisflawless sleight of hand and mentalism, have combined their talents to create an unforgettable evening of enchantment and wonder. From heartfelt acts to comedic routines and from dangerous stunts to impossible transformations, “SAINT” will push the boundaries of what is imaginable and leave audiences awestruck.

Tickets for “SAINT” are selling fast, and with limited shows available, audiences are encouraged to secure their seats early. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to witness the magic duo of Luke Blaze and Jay Cristo as they weave their spellbinding artistry on the stage.

In 2023, “SAINT” had audience members raving, saying it was “Hands down, best show ever!” and “One of the funniest magic shows I’ve ever seen!” and with this brand new show, audiences are once again in for a special treat.


9-10 July / 6:45 PM – 7:30 PM | The Melbourne Magic Festival

Houdini Theatre, Arrow on Swanston