The Best of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Whether it is listening to a thunderstorm from the steamy orchard Spa, sitting by a crackling fire in your cottage with the pitter patter of rain on the corrugated roof. Or the cacophony of birds on a still and misty morning, a game of petanque on a sunny afternoon, riding the meandering East Gippsland rail trail or cooling off in the Tambo River

with your dogs on a balmy Summers day. There are so many ways to create memories during your time at Rivendell.

The evolution of what Rivendell has now become was a gradual process of reinvention while utilising as much as possible from the original Farm buildings and garden as a framework for what exists today.

The mosaic of garden spaces, function areas, orchards and terraces can be attributed to the ongoing progress as the owners find more inspiration of how best to use the gently sloping land that provides breathtaking views to the horizon that encompasses you.

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