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SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium has reopened to the public in line with the Victorian Government’s easing of COVID-19 restrictions. Please make sure you have made your booking online before visiting. This includes pre-paying and selecting the date and timeslot of your visit.

Dive into a magical underwater world.

SEA LIFE Melbourne

Aquarium takes you on an interactive ocean adventure filled with amazing discovery and magical marine stories.

Explore the creatures and features of the ocean like never before with the thousands of colourful aquatic animals that call SEA LIFE home.

Check out the new interactive Ocean Invaders exhibit, filled with pulsating jellyfish. Peak into the Jelly Lab where these brainless creatures are bread or hope inside the donut shaped Moon Jellyfish tank.

Become a Rockpool Explorer as you embark on a marine adventure from the depths of the ocean dominated by sharks and massive stingrays, to the icy cool waters of Antarctica, home to the majestic King and cheeky Gentoo penguins.

Journey back in time and meet the pre-historic giants of the ocean at the latest, must-see Ancient Oceans exhibit. Visitors will discover more about the magnificent ancient creatures and get close to some remarkable animals that have lived for millions of years.

With interactive animal displays, magical marine stories, and expert keeper presentations, SEA LIFE Melbourne is sure to inspire love for the oceans.

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