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Little Lon Distilling Co.

Discover Little Lon Distilling Co.: Melbourne’s Hidden Gem.

Nestled in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, Little Lon Distilling Co. is a unique and enchanting venue that combines rich history with the craft of gin making. Steeped in the storied past of Little Lonsdale Street, this intimate single-story building stands as a tribute to the colorful and notorious north-east corner of Melbourne from the 1850s. Once a hotspot for debauchery, bordellos, and bohemians, this historic site has been transformed into a ‘gintrified’ establishment that pays homage to its vibrant past.

History and Charm

The legacy of Little Lonsdale is alive and well at Little Lon Distilling Co. This small-batch, handcrafted gin and spirits producer commemorates the district’s rich history with every bottle. The distillery’s name nods to the area’s once-infamous reputation, where lively characters roamed its lamp-lit lanes. Today, Little Lon Distilling Co. stands as a double-distilled tribute to a neighborhood that once teemed with bordellos, opium dens, and gangsters.

The Distillery Experience

At the heart of Little Lon Distilling Co. is ‘Yokohama,’ a magnificent 200-litre copper column still. This impressive piece of equipment is named after Miss Yoko, a mesmerizing madame who once graced the establishment. The distillery captures the allure of a bygone era, crafting gins and spirits that embody the spirit of old Melbourne. Using the highest quality Australian malted barley and the pristine purity of Melbourne’s water, the distillery produces unique and enchanting flavor profiles that blend quintessential Australian botanicals.

Melbourne’s Most Unique Gin Masterclass

If you’re a gin enthusiast and a history buff, Little Lon Distilling Co.’s Gin Masterclass is the perfect way to spend a Saturday or Sunday in the city. This masterclass offers a fantastic experience in a small and intimate venue. Participants are treated to delicious selections of gins and accompanying charcuterie boards, making for a delightful pairing.

What sets this masterclass apart is its educational and immersive nature. Attendees not only learn about the distilling process and the history of Little Lon Distilling Co. but also delve into the broader history of gin and the venue itself. The building, the last remaining single-story structure in Melbourne’s CBD, once formed part of the city’s red-light district and has a fascinating past that includes being a brothel and various other uses over the years.

Now, it is home to Little Lon Distilling Co., with its cozy outdoor expansion offering the perfect spot to relax with friends and enjoy beautifully handcrafted gin. The knowledgeable and friendly staff make the interactive masterclass an exceptional experience for both seasoned gin enthusiasts and novice gin drinkers. Highlights include a mystery gin and tonic upon arrival, where participants are later asked to identify the gin from a selection of samples, and a delicious home-recipe cocktail that perfectly matches the chosen gin.

Additionally, Little Lon Distilling Co. offers a unique incentive for returning customers: bring in an empty bottle of their gin, and you’ll receive a $10 discount on the refill. This encourages sustainability while rewarding loyal patrons.

Visit Little Lon Distilling Co.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your cocktail-making skills or simply enjoy a night out with friends, Little Lon Distilling Co. offers an unforgettable experience. The gin masterclass is ideal for groups, making it the perfect night out for friends or a unique date idea. Come for the gin, stay for the stories, and immerse yourself in the spirit of Melbourne—now captured in a bottle.

Key Details:
  • Location: Little Lon Distilling Co., 17 Casselden Place, Melbourne CBD
  • Gin Masterclass: Available on Saturdays and Sundays

Experience the magic of Little Lon Distilling Co. and make it a must-visit destination in Melbourne’s vibrant CBD.

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Written by: Michael Kent