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Have you ever had an experience that made you question whether the supernatural exists? Made your hairs stand on end and gave you the heebie jeebies? Is your favourite part of camping, sitting around the campfire and trading ghost stories? Then this could be the show for you…

GHOST STORIES, written by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman has come to Melbourne after great success on the West End in London. The play follows Professor Phillip Goodman, played by Steve Rodgers on his quest to uncover the truth behind supernatural experiences and to explain the unexplainable. Along his journey, he interviews: Tony Matthews played by the very talented Jay Laga’aia (Star Wars and The Lion King), Simon Rifkind played by Darcy Brown (Animal Farm) and Mike Priddle played by Nick Simpson-Deeks (Winners and Losers). In the course of each interview, we are transported back to the horrifying moment that made them question whether or not ghosts exist. Each transformation is incredibly well done. The set, lighting and sound design really create a suspenseful atmosphere that makes you sit on the edge of your seat, gripping the person next to you for comfort. The acting in each of these interview/episodes is truly fantastic and hooks the audience into the story, leading you to feel like you are there with them. One of the most surprising parts of the entire show is not the continual jump-scares but rather the humour that is woven in between each story to create moments of contrast in the performance or rather, lulling you into a false sense of security before the moments of fright. The balance between comedy and suspense is incredibly well written and directed, leading to a highly entertaining show.

GHOST STORIES is being staged in Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre on Collins St., a venue that allows for an intimate setting where the audience always feels right up close to the action. If you are in the mood for a hilarious night out with plenty of adrenaline fuelled scares, then this is the perfect show for you. Tickets are available through until November 5, so get in and book yours now at: 

Written by Michael Kent

(This show has now finished)