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Step into the gaslit world of intrigue and deception in this mesmerizing thriller.

Gaslight, the modern adaptation of Patrick Hamilton’s 1940s suspenseful thriller, has arrived in Melbourne, enchanting audiences at the Comedy Theatre with its gripping narrative and captivating performances. Set against the backdrop of 1901 London, the play delves into the intricate web of deception woven by Bella and her husband, Jack, played with depth and skill by Geraldine Hakewill and Toby Schmitz, respectively. Hakewill’s portrayal of Bella is both captivating and emotionally nuanced, drawing the audience into her character’s inner turmoil. Schmitz brings a sinister charm to the role of Jack, keeping the audience guessing about his true intentions til the very end.

Kate Fitzpatrick shines as the stoic and strong aging housekeeper, Elizabeth, bringing depth and authenticity to her character. Her portrayal is both subtle and captivating, adding depth to the narrative. Courtney Cavallaro’s portrayal of the new maid, Nancy adds a layer of intrigue to the storyline, as her character navigates the complexities of the Manningham household.

The visual aspects of Gaslight are truly mesmerizing, with a meticulously designed Edwardian manor house that features ornate paneling, exquisite period furniture, and a stunning bay window that not only sets the scene but also plays with light to evoke the time of day. The gas lamps, meticulously managed by the maid, add a touch of authenticity, flickering and dimming to create an eerie atmosphere.

Sound design plays a crucial role in Gaslight, heightening the tension and suspense throughout the performance. The cast’s exceptional acting, complete with authentic accents and vernacular, transports the audience to 1901 London, making them feel like they are part of the unfolding mystery.

Gaslight‘s relevance extends beyond its thrilling storyline, delving into the concept of gaslighting, a term derived from the play itself, which refers to the psychological manipulation of individuals into questioning their own sanity. This exploration adds depth to the narrative, making it not only a compelling thriller but also a thought-provoking commentary on human behavior.

Directed by Lee Lewis and produced by Rodney Rigby for Newtheatricals and Queensland Theatre, Gaslight promises to be one of the most talked-about performances of 2024. Don’t miss your chance to experience this enthralling production at the Comedy Theatre in Melbourne. Book your tickets now and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Gaslight.

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By Michael Kent

Images by: Glenn Hunt